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rust protection

Car manufacturers warrant against through-rusting, subject to costy service obligations by work-shops. But this doesn't include common corrosion. Corrostop protects against corrosion and additionally reflects earth rays.
  • Corrostop is the only rust protection system that starts working when demage (paint & undercoating) occurs.
  • Corrostop warrants protrection especially in corrosive environments and street conditions (rain, snow, sleet, ice&salt)
  • Corrostop is maintenance free and absolutely environmentally safe.
  • Corrostop rotects especially the suporting chassis components, which increases your safety and the car value.
  • Corrostop is suitable for all automobiles - new and used.

Do It Yourself Mounting:
  1. Connect control box to battery.
  2. Stick electrode tapes under the door sills.
  3. Use premounted cables to connect control box with electrode tapes.