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for switching
your headlights

Don't be unseen when driving in the dark and through tunnels.
There are existing 2 types:

An optoelectronic sensor will be placed/sticked anywhere under the wind shield.
An acoustic signal alerts changing light conditions when passing from daylight to darkness and vice versa. This reminds the driver to adjust illumination to light requirements.

The sensor has to be connected to plus, ground and to the headlight (fuse box). Thus MEMOLIGHT II registers, if the headlights are switched on or not.

....starting the journey
If you start your journey in the dark without switching on your headlights, it gives a continuous "beep".

....during the journey
If, while driving, it changes from daylight to darkness or dusk it gives a continuous "beep" to remind you to switch on your headlights. If it changes from darkness to daylight it gives a series of short "beeps" to remind you to turn off your headlights.
If required to go by 'running daylight' - you have to place the sensor under the cockpit cover. As soon as you start your journey without headlights on, a continuous "beep" reminds to switch on the headlights.

....end of the journey
If you take out the ignition key and the headlights are still on, it gives a series of short "beeps" to switch off the headlights.