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TireCheck - Clever Caps

Tire's valve dust cap with integrated
pressure loss monitoring system
- warns of low tire pressures.

  • Check pressure at-a-glance
  • Just screw on and leave
  • Red flag means low pressure
  • No effect on wheel balance
  • reduced fuel consumption
  • Longer tire life
TireCheck - the Clever Caps - let you see at a glance when your tires need air. They simply replace the valve dust caps and automatically signal when your tires need "topping-up". Maintaining correct pressure will increase road holding, reduce fuel consumption and save wear on the thread. They can be used on tyres with 20-42 psi (1,5 - 3,0 bar) on cars, vans, light trucks and motorcycles. TireCheck - the Clever Caps maintain accuracy through the changes during the hot summer and cold winter months. The tough casing is resistant to rain, snow, knocks, heavy vibration, car washing machines - and will outlive many tires.

  1. Inflate your tires to the correct pressure levels as indicated in your vehicle's manual.
  2. Screw each TireCheck (Clever Cap) tightly onto the tire valve stem by hand.
  3. The green/red indicators will rise up together and stop perfectly level.
  4. When the pressure reduces by approximately 3 psi (0,2 bar) the green portion of the indicator will lower showing the central red portion above the green.
  5. As soon as the red tongue protrudes the green portion of the indicator you should inflate back to the correct pressure and replace the cap as explained under 2.